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Our Corporate Character Philosophy

At PAPP, we see ourselves as the partners of our clients. The long-lasting relationships we have to them is based on respect and honesty. We get to know them, understand their thinking and become aware of their needs.

  • What visions and values form their specific corporate character?
  • What is the core of their business and how can we communicate that character to the publics?
  • cc is for "corporate character". "Corporate character" has a strong impact on the brand's success. We understand that our clients' companies are unique. Their corporate character distincts them from their competition and it is our job to make the beliefs and values they hold and the organizational culture that makes them a success both visible and clear.
  • Because we see that "corporate character" is not simply a product of a mission statement, logo or advertising, we often think beyond the mere communication task and re-connect it to their core messages.
  • This is also why we understand and reinforce the importance of a unified, consistent corporate design with no confusion in any outward communication.
  • Strong analytical and conceptual approach.
  • All creative work that says PAPP, really is PAPP. Run by the owner, we execute a very strict quality management.
  • We take pride in our professional staff who identify strongly with their clients.
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do. The passion and creativity in all our ideas and in the accuracy in their implementation can be seen when we bring our clients’ brands to life across all touchpoints.

Our agency shortly

  • PAPP Werbeagentur, Bremen, founded in 1988.
  • Managing directors: Georg Papp and Horst Otto.
  • 20 employees.
  • Full service agency: naming, positioning, brand strategy, digital and social media, media planning, market research and corporate design concept – we do it all.
  • Experts in marketing for investment goods.
  • Over 10 years of experience working for various leading industrial companies, acting jointly with the marketing departments, influencing much of their appearance, communication, and market image today.
Direct contact: +49 (0)421 34061-13

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